IPV3000 third generation photovoltaic ion implantation equipment(2017-) high beam ion source to maintain the belt horizontal transfer of silicon and phosphorus ion source solid improvement, beam 40% increase patterned doping functional capacity of 3000WPH injection.

iSolar  iPV3000 FEATURES

High capacity and low cost

High density beam system, beam density 4.0mA/cm, equipment capacity 3000WPH. Using solid phosphorus as dopant source, the doping cost is 0.3 minutes / slice(RMB).

Strong compatibility

Easy to transfer. There is no need to modify any hardware, fully compatible with different wafer thicknesses (120-200μm) and sizes (156-161.75mm).

Double ion source design

Ensure high uptime of equipment. According to customer demand, 2 ion sources can be doped with different doping sources to realize the doping of P and n types in different regions.

Patterned injection function

Wafer self-aligned process guarantees alignment accuracy and realizes injection patterning in combination with dual ion source.

Local China-based and management

Total quality management and world-class service.

iPV3000 Product Specifications

Species: P+, B+

Energy: 5 to 15 keV

Throughput: 3000wph

Dimensions L x W: 5.7m x 2.5m

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